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Unless I've missed it, there have been starts to really good threads for BYC folks to list the breeds they have & sell stock and eggs from. I've seen several begun but not updated, and I've even offered to help in one case, but that thread sort of petered out.

This person has a really good idea -

Check out post 182 on page 19...I like the idea of having to be a GFM in order to "advertise" - wonder what other folks think?
Wynette, I moved this here so everyone could read and put together their thoughts and ideas.

Here is what was posted by Agape Builder:

How about making a link at the top of the page to a separate page that lists member poultry breeders? In order to make it worth it, it could be a prerequisite to being listed that they purchase a Golden Feather membership to help pay for the advertisment and the site. That could be a value added bonus for those that shoose to become paying members. Also, perhaps there may be multiple levels of memberships that allow different levels of advertisement.

Some really good ideas. I wanted to continue this discussion here so as not to divert the original thread.​
Thanks for moving/making it a new thread, Nifty. It would be great to have a space somewhere on BYC for this, and I, for one, feel that making GFM a prerequisite to selling would be well worth it!
We definitely want to find ways to make the BST section better for everyone. We've discussed making BST just for GFM's in the past, but felt this wasn't the best move. We are committed to providing more value to GFM's but we are also committed to keeping the majority of the forum open to everyone.

We've also discussed finding ways to allow people who are running businesses or hobbies where they sell things to be able to advertise on BYC without clogging up the BST sections with post after post.

Keep the ideas and suggestions coming! BYC is great because of the wonderful contribution and collaboration of thousands of smart people!
I think any BYC'er should be able to look at the breeders things.

I do though, think it would be a great idea to require a GFM to be listed (yourself and your breeds) in the section.

Maybe have a list of breeds, and when you click on the breed, it comes up with a list of breeders and links ?!

Just ideas...
I started that when LinckHillPoultry was my original screen name for BYC, but since my computer crashed and I have been using the Laptop I somehow could log in my old screenname on this computer, which means I can no longer edit it.
To bad you can't make a program that will connect the user ranking and breeds together.

A user could open a page and list all the breeds that she/he has.
After the page is open you can have a member reply area like the google spread sheet. that gives a ranking and a reason. the program can calculate all the ranks and give a user average the buyer can use to search. It would also probably be good to add a state section so you can search by state too.

when someone wants to buy a certain breed they can go to a home page for the program and select the breed they want, user ranking and even the state of the seller.
I agree with Colored Egg Farmer. And, it would be great to make it easily searchable, too.

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