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    Dec 3, 2009
    I have few questions.

    1st- when there are no roosters arround, hens lay infertile eggs , on an average 1 egg per day or every other day.

    if these eggs r not removed, do hens sits on these infertile eggs?

    2nd- when hens are with roosters, will hens lay fertile eggs everyday on an average or every other day?

    3rd- if these fertile eggs r not removed, will the hen continue laying fertile eggs and how will the hen sit on so many eggs to hatch them?
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    Ok, heres the answers as far as I know...
    1) The hen will only sit on them if she feels like it - - this is called going broody. Bantams are particularly prone to it.
    2) It depends on how capable the rooster is - - - eggs will probably stay fertile up to a week after the hen has last seen her roo...
    3) Once a hen goes broody, she stops laying. However to get the amount of eggs she needs, she may keep laying for up to a week without sitting on them. This is because fertile eggs can stay the same for up to three weeks so long as heat is applied, this is so that all eggs hatch within 24 hours of each other, else mamma hen would have to sit on half-developed eggs while feeding chicks...
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    -If I have this all correct in my head-

    Domesticated chickens have been selectively breed to to one job really really really well, and they may or may not still do any of the other jobs.

    A 'Layer' lays eggs, fertile or not- she doesn't worry about sitting on them (usually)

    A 'Brooder' lays fewer eggs or smaller eggs then a Layer but tries to hatch the eggs, her eggs or any other eggs.

    When a hen 'goes broody' they will stop laying and start sitting on eggs until they switch back from broody/ chicks hatch.

    A duel purpose bird is good for eggs and meat.

    -If I have this all correct in my head-
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