Intermittent respiratory gurgling/ wheezing/ cough / sneeze noises

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Jul 27, 2012
I have 3 hens, 2 rhode island reds and one gold crosslink, they're about 2-3 years old, neighborhood yard birds and casual layers.

They're recovering from what I think was a case of winter "vent gleet" by giving them electrolytes and probiotics in their water.

Two look fantastic and no sound effects.

One still had a runny bottom and I noticed the day before yesterday some weird gurgling/wheezy/coughing and sneezing noises. I immediately separated her from the others. I don't see any discharge, no eye discharge, nothing.

I brought her in the house and kept her quiet per my reading I wondered if she was egg bound since someone has been laying pigeon eggs and someone has been laying soft eggs, but since I brought the sick one in the house, the other layed a weird misshapen egg, so maybe the sick one isn't the one with the egg issues.

I gave her a warm water bottom bath and got rid of all the crusty poopy boulders around her vent. She's been eating, drinking fine (feeder pellets with oyster shells mixed in and more water with electrolytes and probiotics, tried some I think it was called RX-Vet, smells like Vicks Vapor stuff in her water and in a vaporiser), pooping more normally ... but the gurgling/wheezing/coughing/sneezing continues - intermittently only.

That's the weird part, it's only intermittent.
If it was infectious, I would expect it to be continuous and the others to have it.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance :)
Addendum: I just thought of something more to add, the sick one smells horrible.
It smells like the insides of an alimentary canal.

If anyone has ever been bird hunting, and like the abdominal cavity and viscera are pierced, it's this undescribable barfy odor -

the sick one smells like that, but I can't find any abscesses, tunnelling, fistula, wounds .. it's very strange. It's like I can smell her insides from outside.
When I got home from work there was no wheezing or sound effects, just lots of normal looking chicken poop, so I coated her up with Vet-Rx per the instructions, put worming stuff in everyone's water, and sprung my hen back outside. Hopefully whatever the problem is, is over now.

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