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    Can a hen, who is about 1 1/4 years old, and who has been laying eggs just fine up until about 2 months ago, be now laying internally?
    Or do internal layers NEVER lay eggs at allfrom the get-go?
    i.e. can a formally normal hen suddenly begin laying internally?
    What would be her symptoms........and can she live a long life doing that, or is it always a death-knell?

    My BCM hen stopped laying when one of her coop-mates went broody.................(don't know if the other hen's broodiness and subsequent
    chicks had anything to do with the BCMs stopping laying......just that is when she stopped, co-incedentially or not)

    Or do some hens just stop laying at that age and NOT be laying internally?

    Thanks for any thoughts............
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    In my experience, a hen can become an internal layer at any age. Knock on wood, I've only had one that was laying internally. Unfortunately, they usually don't make it long after they start laying internally, the retained material will usually cause infection to start, or if they are retaining the shell, it can do internal damage.

    On the other hand, a hen can stop laying and live a happy and healthy life. I have a couple of 3 yr olds who don't lay anymore, so they just run the coop.

    Signs- walking slowly, lethargy, and their tail and wings will droop, so they kinda look like a penguin. You may also see egg material on their fluff.

    Hope this helps.

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