5 Years
Jul 27, 2018
My Friend had a 6 year male black swedish duck.this duck is not very well and dont eat well.she took him to many vets.but Drugs didnt work on him after one week.he still dont eat much and sick.
Here vets dont know enough about ducks.they just care about parrots And Expensive birds.
Please help.Anybody have a solution?
Its so nessesary!:(


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Is intestinal infection his diagnosis from the vet?

She could try giving some poultry Nutridrench, great stuff, concentrated solution of vital nutrients. Ducks also thrive on doses of Vitamin B complex. I would try each of these to help the guy out, could give his immune system a much needed boost.
i have news from that duck.he was really sicj.he eats nothing and it was almost dying.he was almost death.she took him to vet and then give some sugar into his blood for two he is ok.he was weak by anthibiotics and didnt eat enough.

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