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Intro about me, a "ChickenBeliever"

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by ChickenBeliever, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. ChickenBeliever

    ChickenBeliever In the Brooder

    Jun 14, 2018
    Northwest Washington State
    I am new to raising chickens, and in the process of making a paradise for them in my city backyard! I purchased 7 chicks at random, mostly coming from TSC in Washington State. I have no idea what breeds they are; they were just cute and I couldn't leave them at the store! I ran into Backyard Chickens while learning what I can about these "girls" (hmmmm) I have a lot of interests, so it does make it difficult to pursue any one thing, but for this summer, the chickens win! We have 4 felines, and only one gets to go outside, as he is a very good boy. We have semi-introduced the smells of the chicks and let him see them, so he will leave them alone later when in their new coop and run. I trust he will be good because he leaves the squirrels alone now. :) Plus, he is a bit stout to be able to catch anything! I call myself "ChickenBeliever", because I never thought that you could be so drawn to chickens socially. Was a total surprise to me. Thanks for reading and I look forward to learning how to raise healthy and happy friends with the help of your site.
  2. GentryGentleFeatherFarm

    GentryGentleFeatherFarm Chirping

    Jun 8, 2018
    :welcome i am a newcomer myself but have raised poultry and other birds off and on since I can remember enjoy your girls and hope you find any answer you need. :wee
  3. ChickenBeliever

    ChickenBeliever In the Brooder

    Jun 14, 2018
    Northwest Washington State
    Thank you so much, GGFF!
  4. Unexpected chicken lover

    Unexpected chicken lover Crowing

    Mar 9, 2018
    I'm Haley and I greatly enjoy participating and learning on this site!
    There are so many knowledgeable members willing to answer any/all questions...each member has their area of expertise as you will see. I learn something new everyday and am sure u will enjoy BYC as much as the rest of the flock!
    We share stories, happiness, and occasionally, grief. I'm sure you'll fit right in so jump on in and enjoy:highfive:
  5. JustmefromBC

    JustmefromBC In the Brooder

    Jun 11, 2018
    Canada, west coast
    Welcome! I'm also very new here and recently came home with 7 random chicks myself. I went to pick up just 4 originally then decided I should have 6 and then was gifted one more from the lady who owned the hatchery!

    I've found so much great information here already with out even having to ask questions.
  6. ChickenBeliever

    ChickenBeliever In the Brooder

    Jun 14, 2018
    Northwest Washington State
    Thanks for your note Haley! I see you are from Arkansas! I feel a draw there. Perhaps one day I will move from the city. That is the hope! I can come on down and get laughed at for about a week with my "accent", and then I would blend right in! My voice is a quick-shifter! Take care!
  7. ChickenBeliever

    ChickenBeliever In the Brooder

    Jun 14, 2018
    Northwest Washington State
    Thanks for the welcome, BC neighbor! I hope you get more hens than roos! I didn't fare so well...darn buggars are so darling but the city fellas understandably do not allow them. Have fun!
  8. ronott1

    ronott1 A chicken will always remember the egg Premium Member Project Manager 7 Years

    Mar 31, 2011
    Woodland, CA
    My Coop

    Enjoy the chickens!
  9. Hope Hughes

    Hope Hughes Crossing the Road Premium Member

    Apr 1, 2017
    Madison, FL
    My Coop
    Welcome to BYC!

    You have come to the right place for great people and great information. Everyone is is always willing to help in any way they can!

    You can post in the Breed and Gender thread, where people can help you determine wjhag you little feather friends are.

    Also check out the Learning Center, it has tons of great information too!

  10. drumstick diva

    drumstick diva Still crazy after all these years. Premium Member 8 Years

    Aug 26, 2009
    Out to pasture
    So glad you joined us at Backyard chickens :ya

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