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    Aug 1, 2011
    Ok so in April I had a broody chicken on easter eggs, so I got two chicks to sneak under her and then I could have chicks for the first time ever and the mother chicken could raise them. Well it didn't work out (broody hen tried to kill them) so I raised them my self. When they were 8 weeks old they got to live in their own little coop and a not so permanent run about 6 feet away from my old flock. When they were about 11 weeks I tred to introduce them to the big flock. They are now 35 weeks old. THey are still not introduced to the big flock. If I try to put them in the run with my flock about 5 out of 6 hens try to kill them. One of the 2 newbies will pretty much play dead when the big hens attack her. Lays on the ground, wings out won't move unless I come pick her up and stand her up. I have tried letting everyone out to freerange together, the newbies flee to the neighbors yard or a good hidey spot until bedtime. I have tried and read every guide I could find on introducing chickens. Nothing works. The coop I have for them is just not a good permenant thing. It would be best for them to learn to get along. Does anyone have any ideas how to get them to just be nice? (Or Semi nice at most)

    Thank you!
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    Some people, myself included, have been able to sneak the new birds on the roost with the main flock at night. Sometimes it works like magic, other times it doesn't work at all. I'd recommend you go slower with your birds. Get a dog crate, or some sort of small wire cage. Put the new birds in it, and put the entire cage in the coop. Leave them in there for a couple weeks, they and the main flock will be able to see and hear each other, but no one will get hurt.

    After a couple of weeks let them all out in a neutral area, throw down some treats and watch them. They are going to be pecked, they have to establish the pecking order. Usually people have issues introducing new birds, because as soon as they see pecking, they separate. This is probably the worst thing you can do. They'll be okay as long as no blood is drawn.
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