Introducing chicks to other chicks


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Mar 1, 2015
I have chicks that are younger and older and I pretty soon my young ones will be ready to join the other 2 chicks that are a month old but I was not sure how to go about introducing each them to the flock that is already outside. The young ones still have at least have about 2 or 3 weeks until they move out to join the other chicks. But, is it two early to have the other chicks get to know the younger chicks so when they do move in to the coop with the other flock the transition will be a little smoother? Does anyone have any ideas that would help every thing run smoother.

If you have some kind of cage or chicken run that they can see out of and the other birds can see into you could putt your babies in that for awhile and watch them. The other birds will come over curious and thus meet the chicks. Do this for a few days(Don't let the sleep out side yet) and then let the babies out in the grass so they can meet the older birds better. But make sure you watch them to make sure nothing bad happens. This will get them used to each other. Hope this helps!

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