Introducing cockerel to 85 hens and 10 roosters, what to expect?

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Dec 30, 2021
Lol so we're rehoming our little 7 month old cockerel bantam D'uccle (due to crowing, dont want to disturb neighbors) and he's the sweetest lady's man. (prepares nests for them, joins them in egg song, tidbits like crazy 😭) I'm just curious how that would even go lmao.
The new home free ranges from morning to evening all day. So he probably wouldn't get targeted or bullied with that many yeah? I'm told not all the hens run with "their guy" :)
With that amount I would assume it's not their first time doing something like this? They'd probably introduce him slowly so the birds are more comfortable with him as opposed to just chucking him in with the rest. Sorry you have to say goodbye to him!

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