introducing mum and babies back into a flock?

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    Apr 7, 2010
    is there any special way to go about it?
    mum was taken away with eggs 2 weeks ago..babies hatched next day..have been roaming garden ever since. but now work is about to start on the garden so i'd like to try and introduce the family back into the is best?
    pop them in the hen house (that mama used to sleep in) after dark? or just put them in the field and hope they go into one of the hen houses?
    or is it likely the others are going to attack mom/babies and i'd be better off selling the little family....?
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    Place them somewhere they can be seen, but cannot have contact with, the rest of the flock for a few days until they have become a familiar face again. If you just turn them back into the flock, Mom may have a rough time defending chicks from bossy older hens.

    When you do turn them in with the flock, monitor the progress for a few hours and head off any obvious confrontations between other hens and this one's chicks. Let the mama hen fight off any nosey biddies but don't let her get ganged up on.

    If you do the see but can't touch approach for a couple of days, your problems like the ones described in the above paragraph will probably be minimal.

    I've done this several times without any injury to chicks over the years.

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