introducing new hens into the flock


7 Years
May 18, 2012
I have been incubating eggs throughout the summer and have been introducing the younger hens by putting them in an enclosure within my chicken pen. i then waited until they were about mature and of good enough size to defend themselves. All of the hens seem to get along but the roo is running the younger ones off. I still have some that need to be introduced but am afraid the roo might injure them. Any suggestions?
when theyre ready, let them together....see if the roo will tolerate the new ones. if he gets aggressive, stop him right away, but you will have to find out sometime if theyll get along
I would keep them near the others- share a fence line. When ready to put together- do it at night while the old-timers are on the roost- come morning the newcommers will be somewhat familar with who to avoid :eek:)

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