Introducing the duck, Bill


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Feb 12, 2020
Hillsboro Oregon
Hello, let me introduce myself,

I am the duck, Bill. I live on a small acreage farm west of Portland Oregon. I live with my keepers MadBob1360 and Cher_Azure. I blew in to the farm one day in January 2019. Since I am a domestic Buff Orphington, I don't fly much. So it is a mystery exactly how I ended up out here on this Oregon country road.
I spent the first month or so as a house duck. I had a nifty mat to keep the carpet clean, a comfy dog crate to sleep in and a mirror for a friend. I swear, that was the flatest duck I ever saw. Event though he had a one dimensional personality, I followed him around the yard whenever I was moved from one location to another. So, nighttime entertainment was either that dumb flat duck or MadBob's lap.
LapDuckBill (2).jpg

In May 2019, six hot little Saxony ducklings moved in. I was curious and very jealous. They were a gawky bunch of ugly ducklings, so much so only a human could love them.

In June '19 we moved out to the coop and now share the farm with Bella and her kids; Rama-Lama and Ding Dong, and the dogs Mid Night & Hannah.​

Now in 2020 as grown up ducks, we forage the property and lay eggs. We have fun in the pond and play ducky games all day long.

Bill abd four Friends.JPG

Well, that's it in a nut shell. We hope to hear from ya'll over the coming weeks and months.

Best wishes,

the Duck Bill
and MadBob1360 and Cher_Azure



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