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    Jan 15, 2019
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    We recently lost one of our older girls which left her sister all alone. So we decided to get two new pullets, unfortunately three days in one of them died (or got killed), it could be that something got into the new coop. but we are not sure.

    So now we have our older girl and this new pullet. Will it be a problem to introduce them together? we've been told it would be best to introduce 2-3 new birds with our older girl, instead of just one bird. but we are a bit stuck on what is best. has anyone introduced just single birds to each other successfully ?
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    Welcome to the forum- glad to have you with us here at BYC! Remember that when introducing chickens to each other it's important to let them get used to each other and accept each other on their own accord. Put the new hen in a pet carrier inside the other bird's coop, and let them get used to each other gradually; or you can divide the coop for temporary uses.
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    Introducing a single bird to a flock of several birds can be a real problem, but introducing a single bird to a single bird will probably have some dust ups, but I would expect it to settle pretty quickly. I let them spend the day seeing each other, and then put them together at night.

    Mrs K
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    Jan 15, 2019
    Te Horo, New Zealand
    Thanks everyone. We've quarantined the new bird just to be sure. Mrs. K- Yes I've read the same and seems to me (fingers crossed) it should go well. We will plan to put the introduction cage in with our old girl in her coop for the beginning and then once they are ready to be out together we will try this at night.
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    Hi @blackpanther201 and welcome :frow

    I have recently integrated two birds, on two separate occasions. I did have the option of allowing them to get to know each other first (meaning fighting through the wire in my cases). On integration they had their initial 'who's boss' fight, and after that just a couple of reminder pecks. But all in all, worked out a Lot better than integrating more than one on any previous occasion! I guess in their new flock there are only two places, top dog and under dog so only one battle to be won or lost!

    Best of luck! Let us know how it goes!
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    Welcome to BYC :frow

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