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Nov 11, 2018
(1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens?
I am new to chickens. I started in August with chicks that were a week old. I grew them out and they're now about 14 weeks old. In September I hatched out some quails and silkies in the incubator. They hatched on about September 23rd and the quails have given me their first egg yesterday!

(2) How many chickens do you have right now?
At the moment, I have 8 quails (I think 4 are male and 4 are female.) and I am looking for some more females. I have 3 13 week old chickens and 4 7 weeks old silkies.
(3) What breeds do you have?
I have 4 silkies, 8 mixed Japanesee quail and 3 Australorp x Sussex.

(4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard chickens?
I have always had a passion for animals and I love the idea of having animals that can give back to you. I am a vegetarian so I do not eat my animals. They're strictly pets and I always get enjoyment from them.

(5) What are some of your other hobbies?
I am a gymnast and cheerleader who does lots of sports. I go to school so I do not have that many hobbies.

(6) Tell us about your family, your other pets, your occupation, or anything else you'd like to share.
I have 2 cats, 2 sisters and my parents living with me. I am soon getting a few fish and hopefully a snake.

(7) Bonus: How did you find BYC, how long have you known about BYC, and what made you finally join our awesome community? :D

I found BYC through my school work. At school, we had to do a personal interest project and I did the benefit of keeping chickens and quails. I found that most of my questions got answered through BYC.

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC and thanks for joining us. I hope that you find BYC helpful.

On this link you'll find lots of information on almost every aspect of keeping birds - from coop building ideas, to incubating eggs -

There’s a link on the page above to the Learning Centre - it’s a great resource. If you have a specific topic in mind, just type it in the search box - there's a wealth of information on past and present threads.

Each week, various topics are discussed, which can also be a great resource -

This is a useful link of BYC guides to take a look at announcements-feedback-issues-guides.3 I’d suggest including your location using the guide in that link, if you have not already done so. You can use this link to contact members in your area - Find your State's thread.

Best wishes

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Sep 18, 2018
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I enjoyed your introduction, including the parts about not eating your pets and on your planned acquisition of fish and a snake. As my mother was always terrified of snakes, my sister and I never had one in the house. But, once, we kept a wounded one in an aquarium in the yard until while it recovered from an injury. And, I "saved" quite a few snakes from her hoe!

You sound like a very busy person with plenty of enthusiasm. You will be a great addition to the BYC community. Good luck with all your birds and welcome!


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Jul 23, 2018
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