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Nov 25, 2019
Deep East Texas
Hello everyone, just wanted to say hi.

I am not new to chickens/fowl. Dad raised game birds when I was little and both set of grandparent raised chickens and doves. I have raised chickens and quail since I was 25, and still learn new stuff all the time. I love raising birds though.

I dont have any chickens right now. My last chickens were Buff Orpington about 2 years ago and they were okay but not really for me. I do have a couple of quail right now (just hatched turkey day! 29 total) They are the Jumbo Brown Coturnix.

My favorite thing about the birds is how goofy they are most times, and how a moth or something flies into their area and its like a mafia beat down lol. I also enjoy the eggs and meat quite a bit. My kids love the birds and love seeing them hatch too so thats always a plus.

Not a lot of other hobbies. Building coops, and cleaning the yard. Spending time with family. I enjoy solitude for my favorite hobby though.

Girlfriend has a dog, so in turn I now have a dog too lol. She's a German Shep. mixed with Huskey I think. Sweet and smart dog. Just a little too dog for me.

Found BYC through Google searches and always found mostly knowledgeable information. First saw BYC around 2012,2013 I would guess. I finally joined because I always forget that you cant like a post without joining . I always try to like the good feedback and just never took the time to join :/

Well, thanks for reading!


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Jul 31, 2015
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Jul 24, 2016
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Hi! :frow Welcome to BYC! Quail sound like a lot of fun. I know what you mean about building coops being a hobby. My hobby is chickens...(Orpingtons :oops:) and consequently DH's hobby is building coops. Just finished a bachelor pad this weekend. :ya So glad you decided to join us. Are there any kinds of chickens you do like? Are you more into the smaller breeds?


Jul 23, 2019
Hi there and congratulations on your new flock! We always love to see pictures of people’s birds so please put some up for us soon so we, too can enjoy them! Turns out a lot of people learn about BYC by looking up info and learning , that’s how I joined too! Well, you are going to meet soo many great people who will be able to help you anything you need or just there for a laugh. And you can help us learn about turkeys too! So welcome to BYC and we all look forward to hearing and learning more about you and your flock, and the German Shepard mix too. :)
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