Introverted Duck?


Apr 7, 2019
Milledgeville, Georgia
Sorry for the double post, but I thought a new thread would attract more attention. The original post is here.

Okay, I have some more questions about my Cricketbug. She has been feeling a lot better recently, but she prefers mostly to hang out by herself and sleeps more than my other ducks. Sometimes, she will realize they are not near her and she will quack and look around for them. She gets left behind a lot, almost like she doesn't realize the other ducks have moved on without her. I haven't been worried about it until today. My husband just gave me my binoculars and said he thought he saw a wild duck on the lake next to our dock. I looked, and sure enough, it was Cricket! This means she flew over the fence away from the other ducks to go all the way down to the water by herself. I went down there, and she was quacking for the other ducks. I let the other ducks out, and when they got down to the water, Cricket swam to be with them. Does anyone have any idea what this behavior could mean? I thought it could be her vision, but she can see movement and doesn't have any trouble finding water or food. I know she can hear because I snuck up behind her and clapped (to test her hearing) and she reacted. I had just decided she was my special duck, but I am really starting to wonder! She will be 4 months old around 9/15 and her poop is normal. She gets picked on a little bit but not much. I feed Flock Raiser right now, but it goes bad so quickly I decided to switch to Mazuri, and I am waiting for the first bucket to arrive.
Usually if an animal separates itself from its flock or herd or whatever it belongs to it means something is wrong . Sickness, age. Giving birth. I believe I’d pen her up again so you can make sure she’s eating drinking, pooping normal etc also she is getting to laying age. Maybe that’s playing into her actions right now.
Usually if an animal separates itself from its flock or herd or whatever it belongs to it means something is wrong .
I agree.

Edited to add.
If she were mine I would get a baseline weight on her then weigh her every few days to see if she is losing weight. I would also place her in a cage or crate until I was 100% sure that all of her poops were normal and that she was gaining weight, which she should be doing because she is only 4 months old.
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Thanks for the tips! @DuckyDonna they are Khaki Campbells. She was sitting by herself again today for a little while, but sometimes she follows the other ducks. I hope it means eggs are coming soon, I can’t wait!
I have a runner girl, little Spot, who is 1 1/2 yrs old and she's been a loner for almost a year since her brother was killed. She is often off by herself and it makes me feel kinda bad for her but she seems fine. She's also my tiny little girl and is the very first to run to the gate when she sees me coming. I wouldn't worry too much about yours.

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