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    Jun 30, 2016
    Hey all! I reaallyyyy need some help here!

    I live on half an acre of land in a neighborhood of half acre lots. My neighbor has a rooster and hens that he allows to free roam around the neighborhood and, as a result, my back yard. I have one mature hen, 8 pullets, and one cockerel. The little ones are still too young to free range without constant supervision so I keep them in the coop while the hen free ranges. My neighbor's rooster is always getting into our yard to try and mate with our hen and to lure her away, which he has done both successfully. I'm afraid that when my cockerel is old enough to free range the rooster will kill him and the pullets will follow the rooster off my yard.. I will NOT be very happy if that happens. Also, I have dogs. I have taught my dogs not to bother my chickens but apparently, to them, the curriculum didn't include other people's chickens. My dogs have killed one rooster of theirs already and have attacked their current one TWICE! The last time being this morning. How stupid does an animal have to be to come back?? The rooster survived today's ordeal only getting a bit bloodied up from having his regrowing tail feathers ripped out again. If this continues I'm sure I will find a dead rooster in my yard. My neighbors have no regards for their chickens well being! Their hens lay their eggs everywhere, I do occasionally find a hen dead on the side of the road, and they roost in a tree in our neighbors backyard. What can I do??? And will allowing my cockerel to mature keep the rooster off my yard?? Since attack dogs don't seem to work. Thanks!!
  2. Yes, once your Rooster grows up he will defend his flock will his life...All Roosters love their ladies..
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    Sorry you are having this problem. Like you said, probably one of these days your dog will kill it. Guess hormones must be stronger than consequences if he keeps coming back.

    I guess I would worry about my rooster ... but it is probably a wait and see type situation; and when he matures it probably depends on which one is more dominate.

    Sorry I wasn't more help, and good luck.
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    How fortunate that your dogs can differentiate between your birds and the unthoughtful neighbors and valuable dogs.
    You might seriously consider putting up a fence to delineate the property lines...might not keep his birds out, or your birds in...but would define the areas.
    Everyone should keep their own animals on their own property...... even if they have to forego the free ranging.
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