Iranian Kabir is what breed?

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Good day everyone,

    I got this chicks from the market and they say it's a Kabir. I researched for that kind of chicken but there's just a few sites that had ideas about them. The only thing I found out is that this chickens came from the Middle East particularly from Iran. And they are huge, weighing to more than 5 kilos and they can be free ranged.

    I found this site with a picture of it.

    Kindly tell me what breed they are because I don't know how to search for it in BYC site. Or maybe the Kabir is it's breed? I wanna know if there is a chicken related to it or of the same kind with an English name like Bantam perhaps (hehe).
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    Sorry , not a clue . But I can give you a bump and say they look like Freedom Rangers . Are you by chance from outside the U.S. ? There are many breeds not available here due to importation bans , and I've noticed some commercial strains sold here have like versions sold under different names elsewhere .
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    Sounds a bit like the Freedom Ranger hybrid. [​IMG]
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    Apr 28, 2010
    Yup I'm from the Philippines. Haven't heard anyone from Asia here. Just too bad cause chickens are second to pork for source of meat here yet I've not seen any thread from them.

    Anyway, thanks for the answers guys. [​IMG] Checking...
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    Oct 5, 2013
    bro.. im also from philippines.. i also raise kabir..
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    Jan 28, 2014
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    To enlighten everyone,

    Kabir Chicks Ltd is owned and managed by Zvi Katz from ISRAEL.

    Josef Katz, son of Zvi Katz currently runs the company.


    The brown red colored birds commonly sold in the philippine market are from Hubbard, a Groupe Grimaud company. The breed is a RedBro M rooster crossed with JA 57 hen to produce those brown red birds known as REDBRO. These birds are commonly rebranded and mistaken for as Kabir and SASSO birds.

    Kabir chickens was brought into the Philippines by the efforts of Mr. Innocencio, owner of AP Innocencio Farms.
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