Irene Temporary containment

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8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Falls Village CT
Too bad the storm basically fizzled out here in Northwest CT. Nothing really happened here in Falls Village. I was at least expecting high winds, but its just drizzling. Had the girls and boys in last night, JUST in case.



This was their temporary enclosure for the night. Nice warm dry hay and wire we ziptied together and screwed to the wall for stability.
took two hours, but worth the peace of mind in case the dead tree got blown down if there were high winds, on top of the coop. Better safe than sorry!!!
Batton down the hatches Irene isa comin.

No? OH it passed? Oh... um... carry on then.

Really good of you to think of them and bring them in.
Good job, and it's worth the peace of mind. Mine are staying in the basement another night. The wind is still gusting and if I don't feel comfortable walking around the yard I'm not putting them back in the coop under the trees!
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