Irish Law And Order Top 50 (James Downing)

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    Oct 19, 2010
    My brother in law is a dedicated member of the NYPD. He works as a Detective, he comes from a typical Irish family with brothers who are also members of the NYPD and NY fire department.
    He lost his older brother a NYC fireman on Fathers Day in 2001 to an explosion at a hardware store. Leaving a widow and 2 children, three months before 911.

    My brother in Law is in second place, it would be fantastic if he won. Please vote for him. Thank you, I know as a group we could make it come true for him!!!

    Every day the brave men and women of law enforcement work hard to keep us safe - and to keep society running smoothly. In their honor, the
    > Irish Echo last year inaugurated the Irish Law and Order awards.
    > This year's listing of America's Most Distinguished Law and Order Leaders includes JAmes Downing.
    > Jimmy will be honored as one of the Irish Echo's "Irish Law & Order 50" during a awards presentation next Wednesday evening, 10/20 at the Irish
    > Consulate in NYC.
    > The Irish Echo is conducting a vote for the Irish American Law Enforcement Officer of 2010. Jimmy is one 10 people on the ballot. Pease take a moment to vote for Jimmy by clicking on the link below.
    > Law and Order vote
    > The Irish Law and Order 50 will be honored in the Consulate of Ireland, Park Avenue, New York, on 20 October. Now the Irish Echo is inviting its
    > readers to vote from a shortlist of ten, the person they believe is 'The Irish American Law Enforcement Officer of 2010'. The results of our poll
    > will be announced at Ireland House on 20 October. Polls close at noon on that day.

    > To register your vote, click here.

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