Is 5 pounds feed enough?


14 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Queens, NY
I'm trying to order the gamebird starter for the chicks and don't know if 5 pounds of feed would be enough?

I have 3 bobwhite quail chicks now but more will probably hatch. If i get around 10 chicks at the most would 5 pounds be ok?

Oh ok I'll just order 5 pounds then. As the chicks grow I'm sure they'll eat more feed per bird.

Thanks so much!!
Can I add on to this. When my cats were on speial food, I would order 40# bags and freeze it in 5# Zilock bags.

Can you do this with gamebird starter? Freezing does keep the food fresh, but the real question is will the birds eat it? Anyone tried this.

I'm not sure why I'm asking I'll be using about 50# a week soon, but still it might be useful information for others and Birdman when his quail are a bit older.
Can I just add a question that may be helpful to the person ordering the starter?

I bought some gamebird starter yesterday for my turkeys. After I got home I noticed it said "Not for quail." It is the only gamebird starter sold in this neck of the woods. Why can't it be fed to quail? Does it have something to do with the medication added for turkey poults? If that is the case, what should I buy as a quail starter when I beginning raising quail?

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