Is $75.00 a fair price for Pygmy Goat weanling?

here in Ks you can pick them up at auctions for 10-20 bucklings and doelings and in the papers nany pigmy goats are 50-75
Yes, around here a bottle baby goat can be sold for a good amount of money. (Just cuz that is what everyone wants.) Is it tame?
ETA Here any way...
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I sell my miniature goat bucklings/wethers for $75.00 - BUT they are NMGA registered, have all their shots, have been through 2-3 weeks of daily cocci prevention, are disbudded...etc.

What exactly IS it? Doeling/buckling?
My choice of doeling or buckling. Not disbudded, but vaccinated.
Not registered.
Thanks for all the comments.
Everyone around here sells for 150+...
Every so often I will see one for under 100. Maybe there is something wrong with my area...shortage of goats maybe
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I am in Florida. I thought the price was OK, but I hate hearing after the fact---"oh you paid too much" or "you shouldn't have done that deal" I look at it this way if you like/love it--it doesn't matter the price.
Thanks again

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