Is Anyone Breeding Show-Quality Australorps?


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I don't want to actually show birds, but I do want my Australorps to be decent representatives of their breed.

I'm trying to learn from the Australian standard, since it's available online and the American standard isn't: but it's very difficult when the majority of the traits are described as "medium" -- even though the main thing that has attracted me to the Australorps is the fact that they fit my mental concept of the word "chicken" so well. :)

I'd love to see photos of high-quality Australorps to help me fix in my mind what an Australorp should look like in order to help me as I move forward.
It's comin! Just waitin on my slooowwwww interent

I understand that.

We kept getting our cellular internet throttled halfway through the month (deceptive find print about "unlimited" that actually had a cap far too small for our household), and had to switch to painfully slow rural cable internet.

Not 14.4 dial-up, but back when we had 14.4 dial-up websites had few photos.
Here is what the American standard says for Austrolorps. It is from the 44th edition, so 2015.
pg 1

pg 2

visual example
Here is what the American standard says for Austrolorps. It is from the 44th edition, so 2015.
pg 1View attachment 3141908
pg 2
View attachment 3141907

visual example
View attachment 3141910

Thank you.

Not much difference between the two, especially when you compare the pictures -- the comb the Australian standard calls "medium" and the US standard calls "moderately large" appear to be essentially identical.

I really hope that people with show-quality Australorps will post photos.
No one here is breeding/showing Australorps and able to share photos?


I was hoping you'd get more responses. :( I've been wanting some bantam Australorps and haven't had much luck finding someone breeding quality ones of those, either. I'll be going to a summer poultry show or two here in Cali, and I'll get pics for you if I see any.

I did find some beautiful 'lorp pics online, but almost all show winners from Australia not the US. What I notice compared to hatchery birds is a different top line and angle of tail, large dark eye, and breadth of breast.

Champion blue hen at Australian National Show this year:

Show Cockerel. Notice how large and dark his eye is.

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