is anyone else crazy about Polish?

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    May 13, 2009
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    Hi, Just wanted to see if anyone else has my same fixation. Now that I have my chicks home and in their run I find myself facinated by the 4 Polish ( pullets ) I got. They're young, but have pretty much all of their feathers now. I find myself wishing SR of these had been available so I could stick some eggs under my cochins in the future if I had ended up with a little roo. Sigh, guess I will have to wait and hope one of my "90% guarenteed pullets" turns out to be a cockeral. Sheesh, and I'm the lady that NEVER wanted a rooster - had a bad experience with an aggressive roo when I was a kid, he ate my knees, lol! Anyway, I find them to be very elegant ladies that I am quickly becoming fixated on. At this point I know I have other breeds that should be good egg producers - so I don't care a fig if they ever lay!
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    They'll begin to lay late...about 8-10 months sometimes. And you should expect about 3 eggs a week, medium in size. We have one adult and 3 4-week-old babies. I [​IMG] them. Just crazy about those 'fros.

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