Is it a wild Turkey?


6 Years
Jun 6, 2013
Buchanan, Georgia
Hello all. I need a little help please. I know very little about Turkeys. We live in a very rural area. Occasionally, we see wild turkeys crossing the road or in the fields.

The last three mornings, before dawn, I have been awakened to a strange noise. This morning, I decided to try and figure out what it is. I ruled out Raccoon and Fox barking. The closest I can come is Turkey. I found this site and have narrowed it down to; Plain Yelp, Cutting or Assembly Call.

My question is, do Turkeys talk at night or before the sun comes up? When I hear this, it is still very dark out. The rest of my birds are not awake yet. Could this mean I have Turkeys taking up residence? This morning the dogs acted like there was a "booger" outside. They all wanted to go out and get it! I do not allow my dogs to chase birds, so I really want to know if this is indeed a Turkey. If it is not, what else could it be?

What time of day am I mostly likely to see them? Would it help to toss out some kind of feed? Are they just passing thru or looking for a place to winter? Would the presence of the Guineas attract them? Sorry for so many questions. I'm just fascinated that in 20+ years here, this has never happened before.

I plan to keep the camera handy tomorrow morning so I can record this noise. Thanks ahead for any help.

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