Is it considered appropriate

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It's not a thread Katy
Thank you for asking. It's a huge turn-off for me to see political/religious rants on this site. I'm here for the chickens.
Good idea to PM a mod if you see anything that is bothering you...

As far as terminology...

"Message Board" is the terminology for what this particular part of BYC is called. Some people also use the word "forum."

A "forum" can also mean the individual areas (or rooms) for discussion types. "Me, My Chickens, My Family" would be an example of this.

A "thread" is a particular conversation within one of the individual areas.

"Threads" are made up of "posts."

Unfortunately, people get these terms mixed up all the time because they're new to the words, so it can be hard to tell which to use for what.
Katy is correct, political threads usually get closed within a matter of days. While I don't think it's inappropriate to discuss politics, most people are here for the chicken talk. Discussing politics seems to bring out the worst in some people.
Threads and posts with a political slant are watched very closely and action is taken as needed.

The best way to alert us of a possible problem is to use the report button at the lower right of the post you are concerned with.

There are lots of forums (message boards) out there geared toward plitics and other controversial topics.
Not open for further replies.

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