is it just her age?


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Aug 26, 2012
Greater London UK
Hello all need a little advice...
I have a hybrid light Sussex who is 4&1/2 -nearly 5 years old.
This past week her comb and wattle have been darker than normal (almost purple at times)
She shows no signs of anything no breathing problems etc but she is moving a lot slower (but then she is a big heavy girl)
Thought it might be due to the heat recently (it's been in the mid 90s this past couple of weeks, very rarely gets in the 80s) she is drinking and eating normally. Gave her a treat this morning of crushed frozen cat food ( her fave) which she ate then got comfy for a rest. Here's a pic of her sorry it's a little blurry she never keeps still for photos as she just wants to eat the camera!
She has recently been wormed (flubenvet powder added to food). She now has messy vent feathers covered in poop but is eating and drinking regularly. She still has the occasional dust bath and forage although does rest a lot. There is no sign of breathing troubles or mites/lice.
Is it just her age do you think?
Purple comb is a sign of dehydration. I had some of my chickens get the same thing this summer. They did not run out of water.....just some did not drink as much as they should have. I would add a pack of Sav-a-chick to their water. It's an electrolyte. I have about 97 chickens & yesterday I added 4 packs to their water bowls. It's fairly cheap & really helps. Keep me updated please:).

This is Agatha today. As you can see she still has her appetite!
She had a little walk in the grass before going back to the run herself to eat.
Her balance seems a bit off and her wing looks slightly dropped (or is that me).Her tail is low too.
Is she still laying any eggs?
How does her abdomen feel - any swelling, hard, soft, fluid filled?
What does the poo look like?

Age may be a factor. She could be having trouble with a reproductive/laying issue. Older hens can develop Peritonitis, cancer, tumors, impacted oviducts or something similar.
Without going to a vet for xrays/tests, sometimes the best we can do is give supportive care. You can offer extra protein - egg, meat, tuna and add some poultry vitamins to her water.
She hasn't laid since she was 2years old and took on the 'Rooster' role of keeping the others in line.there was no indication of anything soft/shelless eggs no signs of illness...she just stopped laying.
No swollen abdomen but her poop has been green when she wasn't eating however Her appetite has improved tenfold over the past couple of days.
Xrays fees in UK are incredibly high and not usual practice for poultry as most vets in my area have little to no knowledge of poultry.
She is very fond of fish/meat which I mix with softened pellets and battles rooster booster powder for extra vitamins.She also has Johnson poultry tonic in her water and has a fondness for crushed ice.

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