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Jun 16, 2012
Tending to my chickens
I am looking to buy a Barred Rock rooster that is used to warm/hot climates. We live in a cold climate where it gets into the single digits in the winter. Would the climate differences have a bad effect on him or would he adjust?
Just my opinion but I would think as long as he has time to adjust to the change in temp he would be fine.

I don't know where you are located but where I am in western PA it's too late for a bird to acclimate to the change in temps. We've already had nights below freezing and days that it doesn't get above 40.
It has been up and down here. Some days we get above 40 degrees, and others we get below 40 degrees. The chicken coop is always above 40 degrees though. Do you still think he may be fine with the temperature differences?
I think he'll be fine. We've had freak cold snaps that the birds weren't "adjusted" to (hence the freak part) and never lost a bird or had any problems.
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