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Is it ok that my still air incubator stays around 100.9-101.3 all day but then goes down to 99.5-100.4 at night, I'm only getting like three hours of sleep a night, because I'm afraid of my temps dropping to low in the night, then I'm afraid to adjust it at night, because I worry that it will then heat up too much during the day if I am not around to re adjust from the night. I can't live on 3 hours a night, it's only been 3 days, and already I'm exausted! I plan to buy a Hovabator 1588 on friday when I get paid, and use my little giant I'm using now as the hatcher, but until it arrives are my temps ok? And I sould have better temp control with the 1588 right?

I know I ask a lot of questions, I just never thought hatching would be so nerve racking!
thank you all for being so helpful.
It should be fine. Eggs will still incubate in a still air at 99F but they may hatch late. That's why you usually run it 101-102 but it's better to be a little low than let it get over 102 frequently or for too long.
I have the same bator and it does the same thing. I am on day 11, just candled last night and have at least 25 out of 29 good. I was worried about the temp also but everything seem to be going ok. Good luck with your hatch!
Thanks for asking the question about temp. I have hatched many years ago and now doing it all again after saying I'd never do it again...
My temps actually are running at 100 F . I could only get it to 100 or 101.6 and assumed that 100 would be healthier then the latter.
I have a small fan in my bator, this is my first.
Good luck to you, how many days left???
I just got my LG still air bator , I got it to stablize so its always between 100-100.9 , so I put the eggs in and it of course droped down , this morning it was stable at 99.4-99.8 but when I put the probe in the water wiggler when I turned them it read 100.6 so Im crossing my fingers everything is ok for the 6 hours I am gone.
Good luck to you , I am sending you lots and lots of good hatching vibes
Oh thank you all for the wonderful answers, I'm a teeny tiny bit more relaxed, LOL! I'm only on day 3, they go into the hatcher on March 26, they are due March 29th. I also Just bought some silkie eggs on the 24 hour crazy auction thread, and those will be going in the Bator as soon as they arrive.

Thank you all!

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