Is it okay for ducklings brooder to be 10 degrees F colder?

Aug 17, 2019
Middle of North Carolina
My ducklings are coming in next week and i'm planning on putting them in the garage with no heat lamp. The average high of those days will be mid to low 80's. Will that be fine for couple day old ducklings. I can give a heat lamp to them but they will have to go fully indoors. I do know the temp needs to be at least 90 for those age of ducklings. Tomorrow or Sunday I will be setting up the brooder.


Crossing the Road
Aug 26, 2018
Dallas, Georgia
I agree with @Jpat. I think they will need it for at least a week. Give them enough room in the brooder so they can get away from the heat lamp if they want to. They know! If they get too hot they will move away and if you see them huddling under the lamp that means they need it. It's not a long term deal so like jpat said, better safe than sorry.

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