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    Hmm got a few question.
    -What is the earliest time for a hen to lay? I have Leghorn that are 12 weeks. (I mean the EARLIEST, world record or w/e.)
    -How often do Leghorn go broody. Please don't say not at all.
    -Do silkies lay 1 egg a day? Coz i heard they lay 1 a week from the site i bought my chicks from.
    -When do Blue Swedish duck start laying? They are 12 weeks as well and they look like they are big enough - -
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    Not sure how early a leghorn will lay.. I know mine is 4 months old, and nothing yet. Looks to be close to time though...

    I've heard a leghorn will go broody occasionally, but I've also heard they are not reliable (IE will sit for a bit then abandon the nest).. My 4mo old is my first experience with leghorns, so just passing on things I've read.

    Silkies are not great layers.... They will lay pretty much every day for awhile, then they go broody... forever and a day later, you get them back to laying. they lay for a bit, then brood again. Tiny eggs too. They are awesome mamma's though. And have such a sweet disposition.

    Nod idea on the duck part. [​IMG]
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    Quote:In my short (1 year) experience with just one Silkie [​IMG] I would say all of that is Spot On.

    Except the tiny part, from her point of view they are HUGE [​IMG] , and to me they just look like size small store-bought eggs, pale brown.

    She is a most dedicated Mother, sitting tightly and "grrrrrrrrr!" very softly when the other hens poke their beaks in her direction or I pick her up for her daily afternoon check. However she loves her last clutch of two so much that even though they are now teenagers she allows them to nest with her AND the eggs. So - afraid the weight and so many legs kicking around will break eggs I place a wire basket over her at night, then remove it in daytime when she is locked in the coop all alone.

    She was very attentive with those first two (which I bought at the feed store and slipped under her), training and protecting. I think they were 10 weeks old when she began laying again, laid maybe 5 and quit laying and went broody even though I kept removing the eggs. I bought her some fertile eggs this time and they are due July 26th. She is covering 5 large/x-large Maran eggs and 2 Silkie eggs.
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    Think those silkies would hatch a dinosaur egg if they could LOL
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