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    Earlier today my cousin pointed out to me that we have a chicken actually a hen but she has Spurs! She is 3 years old. The only kind of chicken that I know of that has spurs is males (roosters to be exact). I did take a closer look and yes, she has spurs. I'll try to get pictures of he/she tomorrow.
    She sticks to the rooster all day long. When I locked them in for the night I noticed that her beard is longer than any of the other hens.
    I noticed it before but I just brushed it off because she was next to the rooster so I thought I was seeing his spurs on her legs instead.
    Could this hen have both male and female parts?
    Seeing how she is showing male signs, is she worth more money if we sold her?
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    Some perfectly normal hens grow spurs. Good observation:D. Sorry probably not worth any more.
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    Okay. My cousin did tell his dad ( my Uncle who actually owns this property and the Chickens) about it and he said it might be because of all the genetics that goes on these days.
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    I have had several that had spurs.
    Hamburgs tend to have them. I had many wonderful eggs for many years from my spurred gals.
    One had spurs 2inches long even.
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    This one is a Rhode Island Red. Like I said before I'm not used to being around chickens nor know of the different breeds. I've only been living here since late 2015 but I haven't really had any time to do any kind of research to get to know the different breeds.

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