Is it possible????

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    Just it possible for a 'true' Ameraucana, (with blue legs,) to lay light brown eggs??????
    I have 2 true I got in May ' a young pullet (4-5 weeks old), and another
    I got in August, as a 4-5 week old.
    They are in a mixed flock of 8.............and I have not yet gotten a blue or blue/green egg.
    I haven't witnessed 'anyone' actually laying an egg...............not the Sussex, or Golden Comet, or Marans, or the EE......
    let alone the Ameraucanas. But all I find in the nest boxes are chocolate brown (Marans), brown and light brown eggs.

    Is it possible the Ameraucanas are not laying yet? (1 of them is 8 months old, and the other is probably 5 1/2 months old)
    Or is it also possible they are not laying blue, blue/green eggs?
    Could they be laying 'non-blue' eggs?
    Or is it possible they will never lay an egg at all???????
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    May 25, 2009
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    It is definitely possible. EEs are truly mutts.
  3. gabby3535

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    These are NOT EE's..............but true Ameraucanas.
    (I have 1 EE and 2 true Ameraucanas.......from breeder)
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