Is it safe to let a mother Muscovy raise her own ducklings?


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I have always taken them away when they hatched but I have heard of other people letting the mother raise them. DO I need to separate the mother from the rest of the flock? I have 12 ducks and 3 drakes, and a few mothers are probably going to be setting soon.
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Scovies are GREAT mothers!


I think that girl had 18 babies. But, yes let her keep them and do the work for you! As for keeping them with the flock- If all your ducks get along and they have plenty of room to get away from eachother (on a pond) they should be fine! However... Muscovy ducklings can start feather picking if they're raised in a crowded pen (happened to me...)
I second the letting her raise them. They are fantastic mommies! I have one that is a first time mama (only two chicks hatched though) and she is such a good mama duck. I am amazed at how good she is with the babies. It is much easier letting her raise them. But, if you want them tame, make sure you handle them alot if she will let you! LOL My mama duck is fine with me handling the babies, but she is pretty tame too.

Have fun with them.
Mine are in the same pen as my other scovies that are still setting, and my Delaware breeding pen. Then duck that has ducklings has been seperated for two weeks using her nesting box (a large rubbermaid tote with a hole cut in the side) and a large dog crate. A few days ago I started opening it up so that momma could get out, but the babies had to stay in. Momma took advantage and was very happy even though she stayed next to the crate most of the time. Yesterday I let the ducklings out with momma for the first time. The chickens could have cared less, but momma was nipping wings of any birds that got closer than she approved. They just ignored her. Ducklings went back into cage for the night just in case. I worry about rats getting in the coop and disappearing with my ducklings. In another week I will probably let them out 24/7.
I would let the mother raise her ducklings. Over the last 4 weeks, I have 3 Muscovy hens successfully raise a total of 60 ducklings with no problems at all. So, I would say that is is safe.
A friend of mine has some muscovies that were born about two weeks ago and their mother is raising them. I don't think they are handled much, if at all. My friend would like to give me some. At what age is it OK to take them from their mother? And at what age can you get a clue by size who's a male and who's a female?
What are your objectives? Are you trying to maximize meat and/or egg production? If so, then the young should be raised seperately so the hens can go back to laying. Another factor is that a hen with ducklings requires a lot of personal space. On top of that, if a hen with duckling free ranges, then the ducklings become targets for all sorts of predators.
Thank you for the information! I think I would like trying to let the mom raise them. Do the drakes do O.K. around ducklings? We use the young for meat and we sell some. I am not worried about hatching out tons.
I am not worried about hatching out tons.

Well good thing you don't care. lol I had a friend have 5 out of 5 muscovy hens go broody and they had like 84 ducklings swimming around there on their pond that year.

*and these were free range ducks too!
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