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Jan 24, 2011
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Okay I am on Day 18 for my Bobwhite Quail eggs. Two were clear upon delivery with no veins and remained that way. One cracked during incubation and dried out. The last is this egg is it still growing or has it stopped and died. I had real issues with temp and humidity in the old incubator and I switched it to the Little Giant. The temp has been a constant 99.5 to 100.6 humidity between 50 and 61.

Here are pictures I took when I candled today




Any ideas?

By day 18 it should look pretty dark in there, almost black... I don't think your embryo is alive unless you see it moving there...should be trying to position itself and the air sac will be the only thing really nice and white.
Thanks that was what I was figuring but I couldn't find any pictures of quail eggs in order to compare at day 18 so I thought I would go to the experts.
I have a poster I got in school of bobwhite, coturnix, and pheasant development...trying to reproduce it in a nice way for all to see....It will take a while but in the long run it will help

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