Is it time to hibernate?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Dances with Ducks, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. When I went to let the ducks out this morning it was 17 degrees and snowing. The ducks walked about 10 feet and laid down. Then the Runner got up, shook herself off, went back into the duck house and the rest of them followed. They didn't even go to their food and water! When I came by a little later they came out again to eat and drink but when I left they went back inside. [​IMG]
    A third visit they just came out and looked at me and when I turned around they went back in their house. I actually think they are hoping I will do something to "fix" this nasty snow problem.
    I don't know if I will ever get any eggs now!!
  2. crazy cat lady

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    Nov 20, 2008
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    That is too cute.
  3. rainplace

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    aww... poor babies.
  4. The ducks are out there quacking now. I think they want their pool filled, but the spigot is frozen.
    They'll just have to wait till tomorrow, it's forcast to be in the 50's.
    Crazy Colorado weather!! [​IMG]
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    Cute pics but YUCK!
    Winters on the way [​IMG]
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    With 17 degrees and snow, I think I would be hibernating!!!

    How much warning did you have before this weather set in on you?? Have the temperatures dropped gradually or is this a freaky thing??

    I don't blame them for staying in the house. They're using each other to stay warm!!!

    Br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r. That's COLD!!!

    But I've seen mine swim in below freezing weather. I've even seen their wings iced up. The first time one did that, I brought him in the house and put him in a tub of warm water. Then I used the hair dryer to blow him dry!!! We don't do that anymore.

    Don't know what kind of ducks you have, but some ducks quit laying at this time of year. They'll start back up in the Spring!!

    Good luck!! Right now I'm glad that I don't live in Colorado!!
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    I think they're looking for those snow booties they thought you were going to make them this summer which obviously has past.
  8. They eventually got over it and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around in the snow. Probably looking for those boots! [​IMG]

    We were expecting temps around 30 the last time we checked the forcast. I had all my tomatoes, squash and cucumbers picked, but I wasn't worried about the celery, kale, chard, potatoes, and onions. I think we may have lost a bunch, we'll see.

    I have Khaki Campbells, Welsh Harlequin, and a Runner. No one has laid since mid-August, I'm not sure what to think except three are already slowing down at the ripe old age of one year and the other two are still too young. [​IMG]
  9. rainplace

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    Don't forget they should just be finishing their molt.
  10. So do you think they WILL lay soon?? !!! [​IMG]
    I've gone such a long time anticipating an egg but never finding one that I've just about given up hope, at least until the young ones start.

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