Is it too cold for my chicks?


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Apr 20, 2015
We live in Michigan, and moved our 3 chicks,5 and 6 weeks old, to their outside coop on Saturday. It's an a frame, with half of it being the coop, and a danced in area. It is 51 and rainy right now. They are currently spread out inside, pecking away and exploring. At what temp should I put the heat lamp on? The inside of their coop is staying dry well. We have been turning it on overnight. It just seems so chilly right now because of the rain.
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Mar 9, 2014
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At 5-6 weeks old mine are out, in the coop, and without any supplemental heat.....last year the batch that moved out at five weeks were out for about three days before we were hit with a major cold snap, complete with sub-freezing temps and snow, they were just fine. You find the conditions chilly - their bodies are such that they don't feel the same chill.


Mar 17, 2015
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Same with mine, they went out to the coop at around 4 weeks with no supplemental heat. At around 6 weeks the temps dropped a couple of nights to 33F. They were fine. As long as the coop is dry and draft free there shouldn't be a problem.


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Dec 27, 2013
I have 13 9 1/2 week chicks who up until a few nights ago slept huddled together in a covered box. A few nights ago the decided to roost in the lilac tree. Most of them sleep in pairs or more but there is 1 that is sleeping alone. She seem content. But I am concerned she will be cold at night without a buddy to snuggle with. Thoughts?

I also have a group of 16 that like to roost in another lilac tree. Funny observation... The majority of the girls are high up in the tree and the boys are chilling on the lower limbs. This group has been introduced to the coop and have slept in it a few nights... But they like the tree. go figure!!

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Sep 22, 2015
Cool! I've been thinking I'm nuts for getting chicks this time of year, my first batch. I live in N. AZ and was wondering at what age they can go to the coop. I don't plan to have it heated, all my research tells me thats the best move. It will probably be hitting freezing in about 4 weeks but warm days. My little peepers are so cute!

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