Is it true my hen is a roo??

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Apr 29, 2011
Hi all,

I got two light sussex "pullets" at 10 weeks. One had a slightly bigger comb than the other but didn't think much of it as we were assured the roosters had already been separated.

"Sunny" is now 15 weeks-ish, and a few weeks ago I started to wonder if she wasn't in fact a he. Would appreciate your opinions as we're not allowed to keep roosters in the city.

These are photos at 12 weeks or so:

These were taken today, at 15 weeks:

No roo-ish behaviours as yet (crowing, fighting, mounting, aggression etc.). I know light sussex hens can get pretty big combs and wattles, and can be big birds, but the quality of the feathers on the back has me wondering (more wispy than fluffy as on the pullet). Shouldn't (s)he be crowing by now though if a roo?

What do you think? Is "Sunny" actually "Sonny"? I'm a chicken newbie so would appreciate your thoughts!

I am sorry to say that you have one hen and one roo. The one you were asking is definitely a roo. But you have a beautiful pair and I hope you keep them if not get a good replacement hen for the roo so she is not alone.

He is going to turn out beautiful though!
Too bad my suspicions were correct. I'd really love to keep him as he is lovely & such a beautiful boy. It would be a shame to see him go into the pot, and I know I could never eat him (too much a softie!). Now to see if anyone wants him for breeding I guess. I suppose as long as he doesn't crow & bother the neighbours it's ok ...... but what are the chances? Anyone had a rooster that doesn't crow?

Thanks for your help!

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