Is it true that if you raise chickens from chicks they will be more friendly?


Mar 15, 2018
New England
In my mind if a chicken is with you since it was a chick it will be more friendly when it is an adult. I'm not sure if this how it actually works. I would rather get chickens as adults, but, if raising them makes them more friendly this would work better for my situation. I don't currently have chickens and am kind of a newbie to them. So, my real question is what would be better for me?
Advice is appericated
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If you got chickens as adults, get them from someone who is pretty hands on with them and they should be fine. Ive done chickens both ways. I found when I got older pullets, that they became really friendly as they came close to laying. Treats are your best bet for making friends with a chicken!
From my limited experience yes the ones you raise from little chicks will be friendlier as adults. I wouldn't say it's necessarily a huge difference, (and every chicken is an individual so some will be friendlier no matter what) but the ones I've had from the start are more likely to come to me and stand still when I go to handle them, while the ones I got as started pullets tend to run away first before letting me pick them up.

It's not easy to find started pullets/point of lay pullets that have been handled frequently, especially from a feed store, hatchery, or large farm (maybe some smaller breeders handle their chicks?) But if it's important to you to make sure you get hens, or you just don't want to go through the chick phase (I love dogs, but I only want adults now - I never want to deal with puppy phase again, no matter how cute!), you can still get a friendly chicken that's older, as long as you're willing to patiently handle it.
We have a booted bantam, Hope, who grew up free range and came to us as a pullet. She is the sweetest, friendliest, funniest chicken who loves the kids and loves being patted. The chicks we raised all have distinct personalities but the two that didn't like being handled as chicks still don't want to be touched, and the other one doesn't mind too much but isn't quite as friendly as our little Hope.

:gig@rosemarythyme I'm totally with you on the puppy thing! Nothing can prepare you for a puppy!
If you are a novice to keeping chickens, I would suggest getting older birds at least at first. I think hens are friendlier than roosters. Treats, like trimmings of vegetables, bread, or anything that they like (and is safe for them) would go a long ways toward making them friendly (it works on most animals). I got a couple bantam hens at a farm animal exchange and they were very friendly. If you have this kind of sale in your area, I would think you'd have a great chance at getting friendly little birds.

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