Is it worth the extra money?


10 Years
Apr 15, 2009
I'll start off by saying, I'm sorry for all of my questions lately. You guys are just so good at giving answers!


I'm still trying to decide what incubator to go with.

Before it was between the Rcom Pro 20 and the Sportsman. Everybody was pro-sportsman, but then I realized two very big drawbacks.
1)I have pretty much no self control, so I could see myself setting the full capacity of quail eggs, and what the heck would I do with over a thousand chicks?
2)I heard they run about $40 a month to run.

So I decided to go with the Rcom pro 20.
But then I saw the Rcom King Suro. Which I found on sale for in the $200's. The Rcom Pro 20 is in the $600's. But I saw things like it has to be primed, and that the instructions are a little shady. I need something that is completely idiot-proof, just plug-in, add water, eggs, go. I do not want to calibrate anything. I want something that is pretty much ready to go right out of the box.

And so now I'm back at the Hovabator Genesis with auto-turners, which will run me a little less than the King Suro. Is the King Suro significantly better and worth the extra money? Is the Rcom pro 20 worth its cost over the King Suro?

I'm just so confused as to what to get.

I love my little foam Hovabators. If they break down...which they have not, they'd be easily replaced. You can get as many as you need to set the ammount of eggs you want to do each setting. I have thought about getting a cabinet bator, but then I thought why?!?! I can get 16 small ones for the same price as one big one. That's a 750 ish egg capacity for chicken eggs, or 325ish capacity for the same cash if you just want the turners in 8 bators. If one hatch goes have the backups. I dunno, maybe I'm just weird, but that's my logic
I'd be afraid to spend that kind of money for a bator anyway. I just bought my second lil foam Hovabator yesterday.
I have an rcom king suro. Once you set it up it is pretty much set and forget til lockdown. Then you just take it out of the cradle and change the pad thingy to a bigger one, up your humidity and leave it. Easy as and I have had great hatches out of mine so far.
i have 2 r com suro i love them they are the best to me if your not doing a lot of egg but still hold 2 doz so all you have to do is hold the + button for 10 sec and the humidity pump will run for 2 min and it get the water right to the bator i would go for the suro
Its not showing up as free shipping for me? Its showing $15+

I have this unit, once set up its so easy (also its not styrofoam, and no knobs, just buttons)
Its held its temp and humidity perfectly, no issues. I have the humidity pump fed from a clear watterbottle so its really easy to tell if it gets low on water and it is external so you dont have to open it to add more.
How difficult is the King Suro to set up?
What are the steps, right out of the box?

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