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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Oddyse, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Have you tryed Ebay Classified?
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    If you can keep at it, you may find someone. Are there any swaps in England? Thats where my ducklings are going on Saturday. There are many more rural areas around me (thats where the swap is) but I live in the suburbs and (apparently) nobody wants ducks here.
    You could try auctions also. When you list them, make sure that you say that they are tame and are pets. That might make a difference to some. Do you have livestock feed stores in your area? You could ask if you could put up an ad to sell them there.
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    You are correct. How you do the deed is not as important as how you can do it quickly and surely. Some of us have the strength and, more importantly, the practice and skill that an ax or hatchet is swift and sure. For some, it is the killing cone and a sharp knife or maybe the broomstick method or something else. However you can do the deed is the most humane way.

    For me, it is never easy. I raise my chickens for meat as well as eggs, never name them, and try not to get too attached and I still don't enjoy the act. But it is something I have to do if I am going to keep chickens.

    Good luck! Sometimes it is difficult to own animals but you sound like a responsible person. I''m sure you'll find a suitable solution.
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    Do you have a duck rescue society or animal shelter? Some animal shelters here in the states have begun to take waterfowl in.
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    I have just read this thread.

    Firstly - sorry to hear of your situation.

    Secondly - if you have never killed a duck before, DO NOT ATTEMPT IT! They have very strong necks!

    They need to be electrically stunned then have both carotid arteries cut and bled, any other way and they will suffer.

    If you really do want to kill them may I suggest you call Bristol University who have an onsite poultry abattoir and are all very experienced in the humane slaughter of poultry.

    You will not get much meat off a Campbell duck. Have you thought about having them euthanized by the vet?

    I would suggest if you really have had no luck at all rehoming them then have them euthanized. How far are you willing to travel to rehome them? I am in Dorset and I rescue ducks, I would be happy to take them, could meet you half way if you like?

    I have 10 pet ducks myself, so don't have room for any more, but I have a farm where I can take them where they can live semi free with a large pond.

    I must stress do not try and kill them unless you are experienced, ducks are much harder to kill than chickens!

    Please feel free to private message me on this.
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    There are options. Turning them loose isn't a very good one and it is cruel to the ducks.

    You do not have to feel bad about not wanting them. You knew you couldn't have drakes and you bought them as ducks. If you have no place for drakes, then you don't, that's all.

    I know you have Craigslist in England. That's normally a good way to give away ducks.

    When I was in England, there were small little butcher shops on every High Street and they sold things like wild rabbits, so they might take a couple of young ducks. Or butcher them for you, if you want to eat them yourself and can't bring yourself to do it.

    You could take them to a car boot sale or a Market.

    I like roast duck, so I eat my extra drakes. I don't find them to be tricky to slaughter, except that the feathers are more work to get off than the feathers of a chicken.
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    If you cannot bear to do them in yourself, perhaps you could trade them for some meat birds from someone who raises chickens? I don't know if they have feed stores there, but I would ask there and if possible, put a note up on their bulletin board.

    My concern is not that they wouldn't make it in the wild, it is that they might, and would interbreed with the native ducks in your area. We have wild mallard muscovy crossbreeds here...and since they are sterile it's not a huge concern genetically....but much destruction has been unleashed on native flora and fauna by the release of domesticated animals into the wild.
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    Quote:Wow. This is the first time I have ever heard that you need to stun them. That does not seem like the most humane method to me at least. I know many people on BYC slaughter there own ducks and I have never read that they stun them.
  9. Oddyse

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    May 21, 2011
    I think I could cull a duck, just not ones that I raised with the intention of keeping. I have been on the case all day calling everywhere to see if anyone is interested. I have found a farm that may be able to take them in for me and its not too far away from here, just waiting on a reply now. Im going to feel sad whatever there fate. Its a real shame I cant keep them, they are such lovely little ducks, the best two ducks I have ever had, but needs must, and keeping drakes is just a no no for me. Never mind, il let you all know when the farm gets back to me. (for now I have them in a temporary run away from the rest so they definitely do not have to go to ducky heaven) [​IMG]
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    Quote:I hope it works out for them and you and the farm will take them... [​IMG]

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