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8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hey guys, here it is. I have two male Khaki Campbells that were sold to me as females, now I realise they are males I need to get rid of them. After several weeks of trying to even give them away I have had no luck. So here is the question, would it be cruel to let them into the wild? I have grown very attached to these guys and want them to have a good life, but I just cant keep them with only having two other females, the drakes are just going to end up killing them. All ideas and opinions welcome, many thanks
Yes, in the wild they would not survive. Something would surely get them, because they cannot fly.
Yes, it is cruel. They will starve or die from predators, hit by cars or some other bad fate. These are not wild animals; they are domesticated fowl.

If you're really set on getting rid of them, offer them as meat birds or butcher them yourself. Heck, if you're in Montana, I would take them and put them in freezer camp without second thoughts.

Failing that, make a separate pen for them until they can go to someone who wants them.
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Yes it is wrong. It would be better to cull them than allow them to starve, get injured. If you want them to have a good life, letting them go will not work.

Have they been aggressive with the females? I had 4 drakes and 3 hens and it was okay until 1 hen went broody and was out of action leaving 4-2 ratio. They still didn't kill any. You could seperate them during the breeding season. Did you try to rehome only 1 or do you just not want males?
They are very aggresive with the females, they hate the females getting any attention from me , because they want it all to themselves. I just dont want males at all. As for the section I was asked to read which stated "ducks are a life long commitment", I am and was fully aware of this before I got the ducks, hence the hundreds of pounds I have spent on there living area, but I was told they were female and they turned out to be males, so its not a case of "I just got bored of them now". I wanted the ducks for the eggs, the love and effection that grew from getting them was something only a duck owner would know about, hence the reason I am in this situation about trying to re-home the drakes. Its Bristol, England by the way.
well that takes care of anyone over here getting them. I'm sorry you happened to get males instead of females, but still taking them from being dependant on you for their food and protection and dropping them off in the wild is very drastic and they will Not make it. Like the others said use them for meat, if you can't do it maybe someone you know would. at least they would humanely die instead of starvation or wounded and suffering.
Whats the kindest way to cull them myself? Not saying thats the route I wanna take, just a possibility should it come to it

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