Is Mercury a boy or girl?


Sep 3, 2019
Hi and good morning! Mercury was hatched on April 15 and I always thought she was a girl. However I'm not getting any signs either way. Both parents are half silkie on mothers side.Parents on fathers side is Hawkie or his son,I think they are EEs. Mercury is still smaller than her mother and her silkie grandma. Just curious what others think,either way I'm keeping him/her! DSC00649.JPG I'm starting to think boy.It's hard to tell with those weird feathers. DSC00654.JPG Here is Hawkie 100_0261.JPG
Ok,got some. DSC00660.JPG I agree they look like saddle feathers but they go way up the back. DSC00666.JPG All his/her feathers are way long even the ones under the wings. DSC00669.JPG Plus very small comb and still cream. Not trying to crow,still acts like a chick. ???? I can almost always tell by this age but this one has me baffled!
Thank you! I was hoping. She is so small(only 6 inch high at shoulders) and spoiled. She broke her leg a few weeks back and has been living in the garage. DH said she will have to spend the winter inside because of her feathers. She getting more exercise and getting stronger but I don't think she can hold up to the barred rock hens I have. Thanks for your input.

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