Is my chicken dying?

Dec 1, 2020
Western Washington
I have had about nine chickens for a few months now. All have been healthy besides one (a brown leghorn). When I got the chicken, it was pretty normal, but it started acting weird. It would lose its balance every once and a while, sometimes even falling over. I looked around online and came to the conclusion that she was just growing into her long legs and her muscles hadn't caught up yet. However, that was months ago, and it's only getting worse. Now, she falls over constantly and often cannot get back up. Once I found her over 20-30 feet away from the other chickens flailing around on the ground. I have checked her feet and legs numerous times to make sure she didn't have any infected cuts or injuries. Her legs also shake in a weird way. I was worried for a minute that maybe this was Mareks disease and paralysis was slowly setting in, but none of the other chickens are showing any symptoms AND they were all vaccinated by the breeder. She is still eating and drinking plenty, no unusual poop (she also won't fly up to the roosting bar). I have searched every book I have and looked all over the web. After finding nothing, I am wondering if I need to put her out of her misery before she gets swooped up by a hawk or becomes totally paralyzed. So before I reach that point, does anyone know anything about this? Is there any cure or something I can do? Any suggestions may help. Thank you!!!
I am sorry you have to deal with this problem.

Did you check her ears for infection?
Did you check her crop for impaction? does it empty over night? Feel in the morning right before she had anything to eat or drink.
No I haven't.
When you say empty do you mean if she poops at night?
Sometimes the crop can get impacted by stuff the chicken ingested and thus obstruct the digestion leading to nutrient deficiencies that can cause neurological symptoms and even lead to death by starvation.

ETA: A picture of her droppings would be helpful too.

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