Is my chicken sick ?


6 Years
Apr 18, 2013
Longside, Aberdeenshire
Just been out to see my chickens and one is just standing there on one leg and closing her eyes. Now she has gone in the coop and is not out with the rest. Her poo was runny too. Is she sick ?
When a chicken is sick, usually they'll find a corner of the coop or pen and sit or stand with their head facing the wall so the others won't bother them.

If a chicken is in pain, she may be standing still with her head and tail held low. One leg held up off the ground may also mean she's in pain, usually from a bound up egg.

Green, watery poop means she doesn't feel well enough to eat anything. If it has blood in it, she's definitely sick.

If you think she may be sick, you'd have better luck posting over on the "emergencies" forum.

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