Is my hen brooding?


8 Years
May 31, 2011

I am a newbie. My gardener decided to drop off his excess hens in my backyard since I already had an empty coop.

I got one mother her and her 4 chicks. The chicks are about 8 weeks old (I think). They can flap their wings and fly a little bit now.

My problem is that since settling down the mother hen is always busy with protecting her chicks. She keeps them under her wings most of the time. I've build a nest (using a packing box and pine shavings) but they all sleep under some planks that were in the coop earlier instead of using the box. And I haven't got any eggs from the hen either since coming here (about 9 days now). Is it because she is in some kind of brooding mode, or is she not yet comfortable with the environment?

While they are setting or caring for chicks, hens stop laying. When the chicks mature, she will resume laying.

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