Is my Polish Hen Blind?


7 Years
Sep 11, 2013
I got four new chicks in the spring. Two easter eggers and two polish hens. Well one of the polish hens is really a rooster and I am waiting to see if that is something I have to take care of. But I am worried about the hen. I know her feathers can be hard to see through, but it almost seems as if she can't see at all. She will lose sight of the rest of the flock and seem to panic. She will stay in the coop when everyone else is up and eating. She is afraid to jump off a perch. If I call to her to give her some treats, the only way I can get her to keep coming in my direction is constant noise or she stops and looks confused.

Is this common with polish hens? Or do I have a hen with a really bad sight problem?

Also, all the new girls are laying eggs that are half the size of the rest of my flock. Will the eggs get larger? I wasn't aware that I had purchased a small breed and I'm not sure if this should be all I can expect or not.
Hi, your problem is comman in polish. It's not that she will be blind it's because of her fancy crest that she can't see. The problem tends to be worse if you have them free ranging. As you explained she seems to lose the rest of them. I have polish and I keep them confined in runs due to this problem they seem to do better like this. I only let them free range under supervision and then I have to constantly talk to them so that they follow and know where I am, I'm convinced the neighbours think I'm barking mad!! They can get easily lost and because of the crest easily spooked. If your not going to show the birds and are not too bothered what they look like you could trim some of the crest to improve vision. Smaller birds tend to lay smaller eggs but if they have only just started laying this may improve slightly. Good luck :frow

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