Is my silver laced wyandotte big enough to lay? (Potentially laying)

Did the mystery egg come from the slw?

  • Yes obviously

  • Somethin wrong with hens egg sack

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Jul 25, 2018
Hey everybody, I just need some opinions on if you guys think this out of place egg came from my slw. My hens just started laying again about two weeks ago and some days it seems like theyre laying two per day but I dont pay close enough attention to know for sure.

So does my slw look big enough to lay to you guys? It was a pain to even get pictures of it, my other chickens come running up to me but this one runs the other direction the second someone steps outside. I dont really like this chicken that much honestly, hopefully it will see im not a threat and warm up to me eventually, it wont even eat treats around me let alone from my hand and if I try to gently pet her on the roost at night she takes off before im 4 ft from her.

The egg pics, the eggs on top came from a black australorp and the bottom ones came from a barred rock (one on very bottom left Is also australorp).

The three eggs more to the right and by themselves in the pic are the eggs in question. The one most in the center has more white speckles than my hens usually lay but I still think its the australorps,
the one on the far right looks like the first couple eggs the australorp ever laid
but I dont know why she would lay one like that? Maybe she was overworked from laying 2 eggs for a day or two? It doesnt seem like it would be from the slw because it looks like my australorps, and the egg in question that I think came from the slw seems a little girthier than eggs my hens would typically lay and its also a vibrant color.
My chickens have been going crazy with the egg song sonce they started laying again, maybe more than usual. Let me know what you guys think!
Theyve been molting! Lol


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Agreed, she looks too young.
The older a hen gets, the lighter her eggs sometimes become.
Thanks for the input, she is 3 months old or so, so I was suprised to think shed layne. Would you guys know any reasons my hens my lay the one strange egg?
I have no clue about the eggs but I can tell you I had 2 GLW and they were super flighty and would never let me touch or get near them. Guess they’re just a flighty breed. Idk? I also have a barred rock and she thinks I should pet her and pick her up everytime I walk in the door.

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