Is rebar good to use?

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  1. I am on a construction site and have access to a bunch of old rebar. Some is bent some is straight. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could use that in a coop? I don't want to haul crap home and never use it and right now I have no ideas.
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    Apr 24, 2016
    image.jpeg I used it to anchor the bottom of a chain link fence (actually in this instance to keep my dogs in, but you could use the same principle to keep larger predators from digging under) if you have a way to cut it and space it closely enough. It's pretty easy to pound it into the ground.
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  3. Ok good thought. Thanks!
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    I'm making a small path at the front of the chicken coop, that leads to the door. Old rebar I dug up on our property and saved will hold some old lumber upright on either side. In between is small rock. The pressure of the rock on one side and the rebar that secures the wood creates a strong support.
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    Not if you live in the Ozark foothills lol...

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    Aint that the truth !

    Rebar can be used for a million things .... I'm about half a hoarder so free rebar gets loaded and carried Home no questions asked
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    I've used it for staking the chicken run, staking vertically placed pavers in place near the door threshold so they don't dig out underneath it.

    Rebar can be handy....if you can cut it to the appropriate length.
    Angle grinder with cut off disc works for me......hack saw would work too.
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    Wish I could hoard rebar, The longer the better !

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