Is she a silkie or a mix?


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5 Years
Mar 21, 2014
I got two bantam chicks from a feed store a week ago, and I looked up what breed the little white one could be (I think the little black one is an Australorp). The white one has a little "top hat" on her head, five toes, and feathered feet, just like a silkie. But I learned that silkies have dark skin, and my chick has light skin... not only that, but I also learned that silkies have shredded wing feathers and mine has a full set of flight feathers. I don't know much about this breed, and I would love to know more! Here are some pictures:

Yep, a Sultan. Most of the characteristics of the silkie except the black skin and, well, the silkie part
Thanks :p I did a bit of research with the Sultan and it does fit with her. She's a bit mean to the other chick that we have with her (the little black one) though. I read that they're supposed to be real docile.

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